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The new Gold Mine in China: Electronics Chips


The New York Times website published an article on December 24 that China is striving to pursue "chip independence." 

To a certain goal, China hopes to achieve leapfrog development in the chip field as it does in other traditional fields. Computer chips are the hearts of all electronic products mass-produced in Chinese factories.  But most of these chips are designed and produced by overseas companies.  China is investing a lot of money in people who can help change this situation.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley in the United States estimate that Chinese brands purchased $103 billion of semiconductor products last year, of which 17% came from domestic suppliers.  Analysts predict that the proportion of localization will rise to 40% by 2025, but it is still far below the 70% target set by the government.

However, progress is obvious. Two companies, Yangtze River Storage and Changxin Storage, are expected to promote China's entry into the memory chip field. At the same time, local logic chip manufacturers are expanding production capacity, mainly to meet the needs of local customers.